yellow sapphire vedic jewellery


"The gems are the most powerful Cosmic colour concentrates and Nature's store-houses of energy, and they constitute all the constructive forces against destructive disease. producing vibrations......all tangible objects are nothing but condensastions of Ether, the all prevailing cosmic fluid which is at the root of all creation.. Gems and planets are thus condensations of of this Bio-cosmic energy."
   - Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya, The Science of Cosmic Ray Therapy


YELLOW SAPPHIRE: Considered the best all around stone for promoting health and vitality. Yellow sapphire balances the hormonal system, and increases ojas the subtle immune energy of thebody. Slightly warm in energy, it balances all the humors, and is especially effective for lowering high vata. It is used in India to treat all wasting diseases, as well as diabetes. Yellow sapphire ash is tonic, good for the nerves, strengthens the heart, and improves digestion. 


 Sample Image2  carat  untreated (non-radiated) natural

yellow sapphire pendant ini 18 carat  gold by sattva gem   $2,800

Sample Image