Three Kisses
Short film.
Crashing his bike, Ruse wakes up in the "Freezone",
a world between worlds,
where the Head of the Angels "cuts him a deal" to be with his true love.
Written, produced and directed by Mark Abriel
Starring Mark Abriel, Peter Murphy, Jason Earlam,
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Footage copyright Mark Abriel, 2011



Sci-fi/fantasy feature film script by mark abriel, registered with the Writer's
Guild of America.

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Re: "Rider 7-The Key to Time" feature film script by Mark Abriel

"I found Mark Abriel's script to be a brilliant read.
I loved all the characters. Mark has created a whole
unique world--amazing! I am in awe of his achievement."

 Victoria Sullivan

Script Supervisor, Matrix series, Lord of the Rings, King Kong


"The Rider 7 script is epic, ambitious, and would make great, fantasy cinema"

 -Australian Film Commission script editors, Aurora Script Development





A one hour documentary for television by Mark Abriel

 From the period of 2005-2008, in the Byron Bay area of nsw, australia,  Mark Abriel, his teenage son, Tom, and others have been able to document on high resolution digital stills and video,  the appearance of luminous energy/3D forms.

These forms were not generally visible to the eye at the time of photographic capture. Scientists such as astrophysicist, Massimo Teodorani, Ph.D. have provided evaluations of Mark and Tom Abriel's stills and videos. Dr. Teodorani has provided some possible hypotheses as to how the phenomenon is being captured by video and still cameras yet not visible to the human eye.
Dr. Teodorani's hypothesis include: a)Digital camera sensors being sensitive to light spectrum outside of human visual sense(ultra violet, infra red) b)The phenomenon appearing at rapid flash rates beyong the human brain's capacity to discern.
Some of the images captured by Mark and Tom Abriel reveal  distinct geometric configurations. One of these configurations is in the shape of a central longitudinal band, around .4 metre in length. At either end of the band, is a "v-shaped" configuration.
These geometric configurations have appeared in very close proximity to mark and tom during the dusk photographic shoots. This would confirm that the phenomeon is bio-interactive.
 Original photo of Mark Abriel
with "unseen" anomaly under right hand, copyright Tom Abriel, 2006
The bion ring and pendant geometries include a central channel carved into the
 underside, not visible when the ring and pendants are worn.  These channels are connected to the outside geometries by holes, which in the case of the Bion ring, form the vertexes of the side pyramidal etched geometries.
If one  conceives of flattening the curved channel of the Bion ring, and "flipping" out
the pyramids, one has exactly the same geometric  form, as has appeared in a number of the "unseen" images taken in the Byron area from 2005-2008 by Mark and Tom Abriel.
Mark Abriel began working with and wearing the Bion ring, and later Bion pendant in 2005, and it was soon after that the unseen images began to appear on digital stills and video.
The connection between "unseen" geometric, bio-interactive light forms, and the ancient "Assouan"(Bion) ring will be a feature of the upcoming documentary, titled "Visitor".