Byron Bay Holistic Chiropractic

Byron bay holistic chiropractic

We offer a true holistic approach to wellbeing.


The body adapts to stresses, and these adaptive responses trigger
autonomic nervous system(involuntary) reflexes. These reflexes are warning
signals and indicators of how the system is dealing with stress.

According to the work of Hans Selye, M.D. author of “The Stress of Life” all chronic disease processes begin with stresses of various kinds impacting on the biological system.

Chiropractic research has mapped out a blueprint of these involuntary
reflexes, which can then be read by the practitioner. Appropriate
chiropractic structural and other corrections can be applied, based on the triangle of health, chemical, structural and electro-magnetic.


The philosophy of chiropractic is that through correction of
spinal reflex stress response mechanisms(subluxation, or
misalignment of vertebrae, SI joints, cranium) that a subtle energy known as
Innate Intelligence in chiropractic, is allowed to flow freely. And when this
Energy is restored, the body becomes self healing.

Our experience shows us that there truly is an animating subtle force
that is released when the spine is clear of misalignment. This correlates with the  yogic science of the central “sushumna” channel,and the coiled
‘Ida’ and “pingala” channels which are said to travel up the spine within
the spinal bony canal.


Chiropractic is a philosophy, not a technique!

There are many approaches to removing spinal subluxation and restoring
optimal bio-mechanics, as well as energy flow. Our office believes in
using the least force possible to make a correction, and wherever possible the avoidance of rotational, or shearing force in corrections.

The activator instrument developed by Dr. Arlan Fuhr, D.C.  of Activator
Technique, along with allowing for very specific angles of thrust, adjusts 300 times more rapidly than the human hand, and so can  be used in place of rotational type adjustments in the neck and low back.
S.O.T. blocks when appropriate, placed under the large hip bones, the ilium,
restore functional integrity to the low back. 

For disc involvements of the neck and low back, we work with disc
distraction technique developed by James Cox, D.C. This gentle non
rotational approach to disc involvements has proved remarkably effective,
and has “given life” back, often in a very short space of time, to people
whose lives were being severely incapacitated due to disc pain and
restriction of normal function and motion.


We draw upon the principles of holistic chiropractic, (SOT, Activator, Applied and Clinical Kinesiology) ancient Ayurveda, the traditional healing system  and philosophy of india, as well as latest advances in subtle energy technologies, such as the Quantum Radiance Instrument from New Mexico, USA, Bion electro-magnetic  protection and wellness technologies, SOT harmonic discs, mono-chromatic colour, laser colour and light application, and more.

Would you like to be free of issues that have been restricting you physically, as well as on other  levels? Our approach is based on careful evaluation of your clinical picture, focusing on  conventional examination as well as bio-feedback.

We base our understanding upon the eastern philosophical systems, involving the chakra systems, acupuncture channels, marma points(ayurveda) and others. By addressing the subtle energy systems, and applying effective approaches specific for your individual system and involvements, and using pre and post biofeedback checks, you will achieve physical stability
in relation to muscle, nerve and skeletal function. And by peeling back layers of adaptive stress response, according to Applied Kinesiology and  Beardall Clinical Kinesiology principles, you will naturally express more clearly and with more inspiration as your subtle energies/consciousness expresses through your chakra system, nervous system, and outer mind.

Ayurveda teaches that when one's subtle energies are in balance(constitution, chakras, channels, including mind channel) one becomes free like a bird! And that is the real goal of our work for you!


Some of the unique approaches we work with, developed at our own practice, and marketed through our business, Subtle Energy Technologies include the Bion Ring and Pendant, the Bion laser(green frequency with geometric form enhancement) and our healng/transformation jewellery created with precious gems, such as natural uncultured pearl, ruby, yellow sapphire and emerald, based on ancient Vedic understanding and manufacturing recommendations.








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