Removes petrochemicals, normalizes enzyme function damaged by exposure to radiation and chemicals, normalizes fat metabolism countering candida, yeast, fungus, spores viral and other difficult infections which make life miserable for so many people.

Strengthens the spirit and helps remove memory of trauma, physical and emotional stored in the body's cells. 

Shilajit is a black resinous substance that exudes out of the rocks in the Himalayas at certain times of the year. Shilajit is considered one of the most powerful of rasayana or rejuvenative substances in Ayurveda,and has a special potency ( prabhava) strengthening the subtle energies, protecting and enhancing consciousness.

Shilajit in sanskrit is translated as "conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness". The Charaka Samhita states that Shilajit is a type of panacea substance, and that there is no cureable disease which cannot be assisted by it's useage.

Shilajit is the most important anti-diabetic substance in Ayurveda, is the most recommended kidney tonic, and is used for healing fractures, and for other injuries to bone and teeth.

Shilajit also goes by the name of "asphaltum". Shilajit is a bituminous substance of compact organic vegetable matter and humus that has been compressed by layers of rock. Shilajit, a substance which like crude oil comes from compressed organic matter, has the property of removing refined petrochemicals(hydrocarbons) from the body's cells. Petrochemical toxicity affects everyone in the modern world, and is responsible for chronic fatigue syndromes, allergies, mood alterations, and many other problems.

Petrochemical exposure from car exhaust, from cosmetics, and from modern drugs( which are almost all derived from the refinement of crude oil, petroleum) and from many other sources, leads to a buildup of hydro carbons, such as the solvent benzene which lodges in the cellular membrane that is responsible for allowing protective nutrients into the cell and for keeping pathogens such as yeast and bacteria out of the cell. Once benzene lodges in the cell membrane, the body's protective and nutrient supply mechanisms are seriously compromised. Benzene is very difficult if not impossible to remove once it is lodged in the cell membrane. Shilajit has the property of removing cyclic hydrocarbons such as benzene from the cell membrane, allowing for a normalization of the cellular agni (one of the 12 agnis or fires of digestion)with a return of normal cellular function. 

Active ingredients

Fulvic Acids, Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones, Humins, Humic Acids and trace minerals. produced by microbial action on humus.

The Fulvic Acids with their tiny lattice frame molecular structure, carry the the Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones , macro and trace minerals into the cells. The Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones are potent free radical scavengers and antioxidants, and can get through the blood brain barrier, providing protection to the brain from oxidative stress.

The Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones are acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, which leads to an increase in the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.(Aceytlcholinesterase breaks down acetylcholine)Shilajit with its Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones can assist in improving nervous system and brain function, which depend on levels of acetylcholine

Alzheimer's disease is associated with oxidative stress as well as decreased neurotransmitter function, so shilajit and formulas containing shilajit are of benefit to the ever increasing percentage of the population suffering from this disease, as well as those with poor memory and concentration.


-Purifies blood, Improves pancreas function and strengthens digestion

-Enhances protein and nucleic acid metabolism and ATP productioin

-Regulates blood sugar

-Reduces fat, dissolves tumors, and counteracts thirst

-Assists uptake of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and other minerals into muscle tissue and bone.

-immuno-modulator, anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal/spore,anti-parasite

-assists recovery after exercise.

Increases levels of growth hormone in diabetic patients

- anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer

-Respiratory stimulant, , diuretic.disinfectant & expectorant,slightly laxative, intestinal antiseptic


In Ayurveda, Shilajit is prescribed for the following conditions:

genitourinary diseases,allergies, diabetes, jaundice, gallstones, enlarged spleen, digestive disorders, epilepsy, nervous diseases, elephantiasis, chronic bronchitis and anemia. Shilajit is used for all reproductive problems such as amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia, and infertility. It is an aphrodisiac, rejuvenative, alterative tonic, respiratory stimulant, internal antiseptic, diuretic, lithontriptic, prescribed for worms, piles, adiposity, renal and bladder stones, eczema, anorexia,and fracture of bones

Shilajit is taken for a month course, then only intermittently as required. It is not
taken as a daily tonic for an indefinite period.

In serious conditions, it may be taken for a month, then discontinued for a month, for up to three months.

Shilajit cost: $100 for three month supply. Please add $10 for shipping and
handling. For mail orders, please send money order to: Life Force, Soma herbs,  Dr. Mark Abriel, Box 916, Byron Bay, NSW, 2481