sattva gem protective jewellery

Sattva gem

Fine hand-crafted jewelry for healing/consciousness

transformation/protection made from precious gems,

fine silver and 18, and 22 carat gold


Sample Image

 "The gems are the most powerful Cosmic colour concentrates

and Nature's store-houses of energy, and they constitute all

the constructive forces against destructive disease. producing

vibrations......all tangible objects are nothing but condensastions

of Ether, the all prevailing cosmic fluid which is at the root of

all creation.. Gems and planets are thus condensations of of

this Bio-cosmic energy."
   - Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya, The Science of Cosmic Ray Therapy

Gemstones have been highly regarded for thousands of years in all ancient cultures of the earth. The use of gems in Tibetan, American Indian, Ancient Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan and other cultures, was not just for adornment, but for health, vitality and protection.

The Ancients possessed an understanding of vibration and frequency as it relates to human energy fields, as well as to the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms.

Today, modern science is beginning to rediscover these principles based on quantum physics understanding: each atom has an individual oscillatory rate, and the unque ordered combination of atoms which make up a gemstone crystal, and the consciousness and life force within the crystal, create an individual vibratory signature.

The resonance and colour emanation of the crystal can then augment the wearer’s own subtle energy field and life force.

 In the ancient Indian science of Jyotish astrology, planets and gems are considered to be manifestations of the Akasa, or Ether, the first of the five elements radiating from the Divine source. The planets can exert positive or malefic influences througout an individual's life. Wearing the appropriate gem according to Jyotish,is the most effective way of neutralizing the negative effects of poorly placed or malefic planets in an individual's birth chart.

Wearing of gems is also said to strengthen the ojas,(Sanskrit) the vital immune energy, so often depleted in the modern world.


Tahitian "keshi"(uncultured) pearl set in silver with inlaid 24k Australian gold
nuggets. Price: $550

Cultured pearls are grown on a pearl farm. where a piece of oyster shell is placed in an oyster, and then the oyster puts down layers of two substances, nacre and conchiolin, to protect itself from the irritation. The bulk of a cultured pearl is actually the bead that was placed in the oyster.

 Keshi pearls however, do not contain an implanted bead, so are composed almost entirely of layers of nacre and conchiolin put down by the mollusc.

Wearing one keshi pearl is said to have the effect of wearing one hundred cultured pearls. For use in healing/consciousness transformation, pearls  should not be drilled, and ideally should be held in place in their setting
Without the use of an adhesive. The setting for the pearl should be open in the back so that the pearl touches the skin


-Pearls are created from an irritation due to a grain of sand, or other foreign material within the mollusc.  Wearing a natural uncultured pearl has the opposite effect from irritation.

Any disturbing influence, emotional, environmental, past life issues, present life problems, will be significantly lessened by wearing an uncultured pearl.

When appropriate for an individual, the effect of wearing a natural pearl is said to be the most transformational of the use of any gem. According to vedic science, wearing a natural pearl

-Calms the mind

-increases love and compassion

-increases concentration, spiritual focus

-reduces heat in the body(anti-pitta) balances fluids

-calms the nerves, anti-anxiety

-especially helpful for women, and motherhood

-strengthens the moon in a birth chart



Sample Image

 This photo was taken in 2007. The image clearly shows an energy stream
exiting or entering the pearl ring soon after the pearl was set. This energy
form was not visible at the time the image was taken.

This undeniable objective documentation of the existence of subtle energies
confirms that reality as observed by our physical senses is very limited.



 Sample Image

photo copyright mark abriel, 2007 Olympus SP-350 digital camera 


The concept that wearing a natural pearl ring can be life transforming becomes
Graphically real when this image is studied. If subtle energies were not real,
Then the ancient recommendations of vedic wisdom, as well as that of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and yin/yang philosophy, and of other
cultures would be proven to be superstition by modern science. But this photo
Is one further confirmation, that these ancient systems were based on real
knowledge of unseen frequencies, that form the foundation of life, and without
which life would not exist.

When one wears a natural pearl or other gem, bion ring, bion pendant, and other subtle energy devices,  the positive effects are not generated from a few grams of substance on one’s finger or around one’s neck.

The protective, health giving and life transforming effects are due to the
vibratory potency of the energetic consciousness of the substance, from connection to the realm it belongs to, and it’s sympathetic energetic resonance with an individual’s energy field. This is likened to hitting a middle C on a piano, and having other C’s vibrate in resonance to the first.

Keshi pearl/22 carat gold, silver clasp $550

The Keshi Ring


 Sample Image

Tahitian keshi pearl ring set in silver inlaid with 24 carat Australian gold nuggets
Price: $550

This unique ring has been crafted through pouring hot liquid silver into water. When the metal hits the water, upon cooling, it forms into natural cavities, whorls and depressions, creating miniature worlds within worlds. The Keshi ring looks and feels like something from another age, perhaps crafted by elves in subterranean smelters for knights and kings of a bygone era.

As orgone energy is attracted to rough, indented surfaces, the Keshi ring draws subtle energetic particles into its matrix, enhancing the subtle energy fields of the wearer.


 Sample Image

keshi ring "atlantis" fine silver with fine gold nuggets



 Natural .8 carat ruby, .8 carat natural emerald

set in 22 carat gold pendant. Price: $2,200

1 carat natural ruby set in hand-beaten 22 carat

gold pendant. Price: $2,200


RUBY: Strengthens the heart and improves the circulation. Hot in energy, ruby increases pItta, and reduces kapha and vata. Strengthens the will, gives insight and enhances power. Ruby ash is said to be a heart tonic, and general stimulant, good for the nerves and for general debility.

PEARL: Promotes body fluids and nourishes the body tissues and nerves. Increases kapha, and decreases pitta and vata. According to Ayurveda, pearl strengthens the female reproductive system , and calms the emotions. Pearl ash is considered to be sedative, nervine and antacid. It is used for hyperacidity, ulcers, liver and kidney ailments, nervous excitability and hysteria. It is a good general tonic for women and infants.

EMERALD: Calms mental agitation, helps with nerve pain, said to increase intelligence. Good for communicators, actors, public speakers, musicians as emerald works with the planet Mercury which is related astrologically to conveying thoughts and ideas. Emerald protects against evil influences and against radiation.Harmonizes vata, decreases pitta, can slightly increase kapha. Cool in energy, emerald promotes healing, strengthens the lungs, and mind. It is a harmonizing stone. Emerald bhasma(ash) is tonic and good for the nerves. It is a good blood purifier, and is effective against toxins in the system. It is used in Ayurveda to treat fevers and infections, as well as asthma.

YELLOW SAPPHIRE: Considered the best all around stone for promoting health and vitality. Yellow sapphire balances the hormonal system, and increases ojas the subtle immune energy of thebody. Slightly warm in energy, it balances all the humors, and is especially effective for lowering high vata. It is used in India to treat all wasting diseases, as well as diabetes. Yellow sapphire ash is tonic, good for the nerves, strengthens the heart, and improves digestion.

DIAMOND: Diamond strengthens the kidneys and reproductive system and enhances ojas. It protects the life force , and enhances creative abilities. Diamond ash(hira bhasma) is tonic, nutritive, and is said to be aphrodisiac. It gives strength and firmness to the body, and is considered in Ayurveda to strengthen the system against invasion by entities(possession).

BLUE SAPPHIRE: Cold in energy, blue sapphire protects against all negative energies and increases resistance to infections. It strengthens the bones, increases longevity, and calms the mind and emotions. It is a good stone to promote peace and detachment. Blue sapphire ash is used for arthritis, rheumatism, fevers, infections, and nerve pain.

GOLD: Gold is considered a master healer. It is rejuvenative, heals the aura, gives strength and courage, and balances vata. In Ayurveda it is said to counteract the effects of poisons on the body, especially bacterial, and to be nervine.


Gem bhasmas, or ashes specially prepared from gems, are considered especially
potent medicines in ayurvedic pharmacology, due to the high vibratory
essence of the gem kingdom and the tiny particle size of the bhasmas which penetrates deeply into the cell. 

Bhasmas are often mixed with cardamon, cinammon, cloves and nutmeg, four spices used extensively in Ayurveda to promote health and normalize the digestive fire(agni) . These spices have special properties in themselves, opening the subtle channels, decreasing buildup of ama (accumulated toxins and undigested food) and refining consciousness. Ginger and licorice may be added to certain formulas. Ginger is considered a type of panacea in Ayurveda, and being hot in energy, is very good for when agni (digestive fire) is low.

Planetary /gemstone connections.

The Sun: Ruby

The Moon: Pearl

Jupiter: Yellow Sapphire

Mars: Red coral

Mercury: Emerald

Venus: Diamond

Saturn: Blue Sapphire