Mark Abriel with blue flower aura
Captured by the Sigma DP2 Camera
The adverse health effects of modern technology-mobile phone, and wireless internet.

by Mark Abriel, D.C. (USA)

“The Doctor of the future will begin to understand
that the human organism is composed of interacting,
multi-dimensional energy fields”

-Richard Gerber, M.D. from “Vibrational Medicine”

We live in a strange reality, where very different systems of understanding operate together, like people who have never met living in different parts of the same house.

60% of Australians consult alternative health practitioners. Alternative medicine is founded on the basis that environment internal, within the body, and external, sets the foundation for health or disease, the latter only developing over time when the environment supports it.

Yet, despite more than half the population of this country choosing an alternative, or holistic approach, the infrastructure of modern Australian and world society, not only pays little attention, to the effect of the external environment on wellbeing, it increasingly distributes and promotes technologies which its own research confirms have significant harmful effects. Some of the most prevalent of these technologies are mobile phones, wireless internet and fluorescent lighting.

In the case of mobile phone useage, new findings after a ten year study by scientists worldwide, state unequivocally that mobile phone useage causes cancer. In the words of Sydney brain surgeon, Charlie Teo, the results of the latest study are “disturbing and undeniable”.

Wireless internet is designed to spread the same mobile phone microwave frequency throughout a living space. Wireless internet creates a toroidal shape field with the greatest intensity of 4 metres from the router. The field generated then spreads out to 15 metres from the router with lessened intensity and then drops further, but still is measureable at 60 metres from the router.

For the questionable convenience of being able to move a laptop from one room to another without a cable attached, or for more than one computer in a household to pick up the internet, without cables, schoolchildren, university students, families, workers, and most of the rest of us, are now living in a continuous sea of microwave frequencies, which even conventional scientific studies confirm undeniably lead to cancer.

(If one needs to use a laptop in different rooms, or offices, one can use a mobile internet stick. Mobile sticks work best as far from the computer as possible, which is best for one’s health also. One can use a five metre cable, and hang the mobile stick out the window, For best reception, and for minimal exposure to the microwave mobile frequencies)

Computers are being designed with more and more wireless features, such as wireless Mouse. Wireless hard drives are being developed, and it’s possible, future computers will be built with no external attachment ports, so one would be forced to use wireless.

Viewing "To Let" notices in newspapers, "WI FI' wireless internet, is often listed as a plus for the accommodation, on a similar basis as "ensuite bathroom". From the holistic health viewpoint, the " To let” or "Share accommodation" ads would more accurately read: "Own entrance, ensuite bathroom, verandah, and cancer, depression, neuroses, psychoses, and loss of your vital wellbeing (Wi-Fi) "



Holistic approach to wellbeing understands that disease states take many years to develop from exposure to harmful influences.

Conventional studies on the safety of modern frequency technologies only consider pathological disease states as possible outcomes. The effect of man made EM pollution

on the subtle energy centres, the chakras, is of course not even a consideration, as the existence of these structures is not acknowledged by modern science.

Microwave frequencies as used in mobile phones and wireless internet have a particularly dampening effect on chakra function, leading in the short term to emotional instability, irritability, feelings of not being able to cope, anger, as well as depression, anxiety and sleeplessness. Digestion is often affected, as well as sleep patterns.

The chakras are the seats of consciousness. As the connection between consciousness and outer mind expression is blocked or interfered with due to living in microwave saturated living and working environments, where wireless internet is used, the positive controlling effect of the consciousness is diminished. The person becomes like a ship without a rudder.

The feeling of inner wellbeing, and “Joy of life” experienced when the chakras are aligned, and flowing without inhibition, and connecting to the inner essences, is diminished.

(It should be noted, also, that mobile phones as well as wireless internet did not have to function on microwave frequencies. Microwave frequency bandwidth was chosen

by governments worldwide for mobile phone transmission, and these especially harmful and brain penetrating short wavelengths were then assigned out of the EM spectrum of frequencies to mobile phone transmission)

The reality that microwave frequencies emitted by mobile phones and wireless internet, causes cells to reproduce aberrantly, causing brain tumors, would not come as a surprise to modern researchers and practitioners of alternative medicine like medical doctor and author Dr. Gerber. Nor to pioneering medical doctors such as Dr.Hahnemann, who founded the science of homeopathy in the 19th. century. Or to Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, who in the 1930’s developed a microscope that could visualize live cancer cells (only fairly recently matched by electron microscopy) and discovered that by inputting certain specific frequencies that the cancer cells would vaporize.

All ancient systems of philosophy and healing, such as Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese medicine, (TCM) understand that everything is vibration, and that with vibration, or frequencies, one can heal or destroy.

Organs, are made of tissue made of cells, which are made up of atoms, all of which oscillate, or vibrate. Going further still, according to Ayurveda, TCM, Hawaiian Kahuna, and other systems of knowledge, what we discern with our senses, and the atomic structures our most powerful technologies can visualize, are only a very small part of a greater whole, one which is energy based. As these vital life energies are thought to vibrate at very high rates not usually measureable by modern instrumentation, they have been termed “subtle energies”.



In the modern world there is around 50 million times more background
electromagnetic radiation than life has evolved with on this planet for
thousands of years (Photo: Mark Abriel)

The sum of the subtle energies controlling, supporting and interpenetrating the physical is known as the aura. Many researchers have studied the aura, including Russian scientists, the Kirlians, who discovered the electrical radiations of plants and animals, through their system of “kirlian photography”.

Another scientist researching the human aura was Dr. Killner, a medical doctor who in the early part of the 20th. century invented a screen coated with special chemicals (the Killner screen) which allowed anyone to see the aura of a person standing behind the screen.

Dr. Killner published a book on his clinical findings, on visualizing the human aura in states of health and disease.

All subtle energy researchers understand that the vitality of the human aura is the basis of human mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Remarkably, sensors in digital cameras appear now to be sensitive enough to in certain instances, actually photograph the subtle auric emanations, confirming the holistic viewpoint, ancient and modern.

Through biofeedback, health practitioners are able to instantly confirm whether a substance, particular frequency or technology is having an adverse influence. Anyone working with biofeedback regularly sees the often rapid alleviation of symptoms and return to vital health, that happens when non-bioresonant substances and technologies, such as wireless internet, are eliminated. For those working with bio-resonance and the holistic viewpoint, it seems incredible that governments and legislators don’t themselves curtail the use of non-life supporting technologies and systems, rather than promote them.

Radiation drops off not linearly, but at an inverse square ratio to the source of the radiation. What this means is that if you hold a mobile phone one foot away from your head, the radiation exposure is very significantly less than if held directly against the head. And if the phone is held two feet away, the amount of exposure compared to one foot away is not half, but many, many times less. So, mobile phones can be used relatively safely if used with a speakerphone held two to three feet away from the head.

The same cannot be said for wireless internet, as the frequencies create an EM sea of chaotic life force depleting frequencies which cannot be escaped once inside a dwelling.

In the case of wireless internet, for those wishing to reduce their exposure to EM frequencies, disable the wireless function on the computer, (in the case of a Mac, turn “Airport off”) and plug an internet cable from the computer to the router. Or use a mobile

Internet stick with a long cable.