Subtle Energy Paradigm

The Subtle Energy Paradigm

Subtle Energies: All those energies existing in the universe beyond the four known to and accepted by present day science. There may be more to be discovered at the physical level and there will certainly be many more to be discovered in the subtle domain levels beyond the physical band of consciousness. - Dr William A. Tiller Ph.D.. former chairman of the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Stanford University


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Western science defends a mechanistic world view-if something cannot be measured or observed then it is not real. Modern science, and subtle energy concepts do not happily coexist, as the very definition of subtle energies, is that they are unknown/too refined to be measured by present levels of technology.

Dr. William Tiller theorizes that the radiations from the astral body(one of the subtle energy "bodies" around the physical)travel at 10 to the 25 th. the speed of light, beyond anything observeable by normal human sense perception, or measureable by current scientific instrumentation. Quantum theory, antimatter, dark matter making up 90% of the universe, and other recent physics understandings are opening the doors to subtle energy science, but society infrastructure for the most part rigidly holds onto mechanistic modes of thinking. For a person trained in the sciences of Ayurveda, or Chinese medicine, or the religious and cultural traditions of the East, concepts of energy fields or "subtle bodies" surrounding the physical, of the existence of consciousness independent of the physical, of the existence of a sea of energy potential(akasa, or ether) from which life originates and in which all life exists, (and which if tapped correctly can provide inexhaustible supplies of safe and nurturing energy) are the basis of true reality.

Few in the west would ridicule the cultural heritage of India, China, Tibet, the Mayan/Aztecs and other civilizations which have existed for thousands of years. Yet the western media is forever lampooning anyone who seriously believes in reincarnation, in past life memories, in unseen energies both benevolent and malefic in planets,foods, places and people, or in UFO's(known as "vimanas", described as existing 30,000 years ago in Indian texts such as the Mahabarata) concepts which are integral to all eastern philosophies. Scientists like Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, and Dr. Willhelm Reich, who dedicated their lives to working with subtle energies and who came up with many brilliant innovations which could have changed the face of the planet, had their work destroyed by government authorities, and are vilified by the world press ( in the year 2000, fifity years or so after his death, Reich was voted one of Time's magazines most ignoble people of the century) only because they chose to work in the realm of frequencies and subtle energies.

If an individual's awareness expands to where subtle energies actually become discernible, as in seeing colors in the aura, or hearing subtle tones, then the person is no longer just superstitious, but according to western medicine is delusional, and a candidate for drug or electric shock therapy.

If subtle energies are real, if instrumentation is one day discovered that can measure these energies, then the almost entire infrastructure of society will have to be rethought and redesigned. Medicine, dentistry, law, architecture, will all have to go through major repatterning, based on the energetic blueprint of man and the cosmos, micro and macro.
In a Utopian world, nothing would created that would have an adverse effect on the subtle energies of man. A house designed for subtle energy enhancement and consciousness activation may not resemble a conventional house much at all!
Similarly, a medicine or treatment based on subtle energy principles will be very different to a petrochemical based drug prescribed on the basis of physical considerations only.


A rational(modern scientific)world view is necessarily one of a random creation, meandering through time and space, life just a chance combination of amino acids, born to live for a moment and then to die never to be heard from again. In a world view, where reality can only be placed in a test tube or seen under a microscope, there is little place for concepts of a predefined order to life, of an eternal evolution of consciousness, of an underlying benevolent Divine blueprint .
To those who have opened the doors of perception, who have raised the vibration of their subtle anatomy by careful avoidance of energetically harmful foods, substances and living environment, to where they once again sense the true wellspring of their existence, the experience is universally a joyful uplifting one that stays with them throughout life.
The more one's subtle energies are cleansed, and activated, the more peace, merriment and bliss one experiences,as the flow of energy to the physical from the chakras(subtle energy centers along the spine) housing the Divine blueprint atoms is reestablished.

In denying subtle energies then, modern existence creates infrastructure leading to dampening of the inner blissful blueprint. Without the inner guidance command centres , society becomes more and more bound by rules, by restrictions, by power plays and control of others, for energy entrapment, for dire survival of the physical against a hostile environment, and for control of limited earthly resources.

The jackboot in the face becomes the world symbol. Order is forced, and it is a false order where subtle energetic wellbeing is sacrificed to external meaningless protocol. Most new scientific and medical advancements only serve to further enslave rather than free. Ever increasing percentages of the population are incarcerated in prisons,and hospitals, the flourescent lights, and the very concrete and steel from which the buildings are made leading to maximum subtle energy vitiation and life force drainage(shopping malls and workplaces almost being in the same category). Planet Earth becomes a penal colony, rotating through the blackness of space, as it orbits the sun.

A civilization built on subtle energy principles, in contrast is one of freedom, freedom from disease, from control of others, by governments and by institutions. It is a place where the needs of the spirit are placed on an equal footing to those of the physical, where creativity is nurtured and art blossoms , where one can breathe deeply, in full peace and safety, knowing that one is not a random biological accident, fighting for temporary survival in a hostile world, but a loved, respected and eternal part of a Divinely ordered evolutionary system, in blissful resonance with all other sentient life.
A world based on subtle energy reality is the vision utopian dreamt of by all true mystics and philosophers throughout the ages.


Copyright: Mark Abriel, 2011