Three keys to wellbeing



Dinner #1: Pizza, ice cream and cake

Dinner #2 : Sauteed vegetables, rice and beans, wholemeal bread, green salad and a fruit dessert.

Which of the above will cause heart disease, auto-immune disease, degenerative disease, inflammation, allergies, skin diseases, brain dysfunction, mood alteration,anxiety, neurological problems and digestive disturbance?

The answer is not what many would expect, and not what is generally
taught in most school, university and medical curriculums.

If dinner #2, sautéed vegetables rice and beans, green salad, and a fruit dessert is made with commercial “blended edible” heat treated vegetable oil, margarine, refined sugar, commercial table salt, and wholemeal flour containing pesticide residue and other chemicals(most  restaurant, café, market stall, and health food shop meals are made with these Ingredients) then this type of meal will contribute significantly to the development of the above disease states.

If the pizza, cake and ice cream are made with natural sea salt, ghee(clarified
butter) or unrefined cold pressed sesame oil,  palm sugar, and organic sour dough wheat, spelt, kamut or other grain, then dinner #1 will enhance
health and vitality and lay the foundation for a strong immune system
and positive mind state.


People have been indoctrinated to certain concepts relating to wellness,
as it relates to diet, and low salt, low fat, low carbohydrate and low sugar intakes.

The reality is that if one keeps one’s body type in mind, (see “Ayurveda and
Subtle Energy Post) and eats accordingly, then unadulterated sugar, salt and fat in one’s diet will not only not cause disease, these items will be essential to strengthen, and protect the biological system.

Why have these substances gotten a bad rap? Because in their adulterated, chemicalized, refined form they are disease causing. And studies are done
on people or animals with the intake of adulterated forms of these substances.

How many modern long term, or any length, studies have been done on large segments of the population consuming only Himalayan ancient sea salt, containing 84 trace minerals, and very likely unknown and yet to be discovered synergistic agents?

How many studies have been done on the effects of consuming only unrefined
palm sugar, on heart health, and pancreas function?

Yet, over thousands of years, the effects of these unrefined substances on the
wellbeing of billions of people has been documented in ancient Ayurvedic
wisdom. And this is why unrefined sugar, sea salt and chemically stable
fat(ghee, sesame oil) are the cornerstones of ayurvedic nutritional wisdom.


Is the meal  you are thinking of buying from a stall at  your local market, or
corner store going to support your health, or are you going to need therapy
after consuming it?

Ask the following questions:
*does the food contain commercial table salt?

*does the meal contain commercial refined sugar?

*does it contain commercial vegetable oil or other modified fats?


 Processing of food substances, such as sugar, fat and salt, alters the nutritional components, but according to ayurvedic wisdom,  also changes the potencies of the substance, known as virya, and veepak. Whereas the veepak, or post digestive effect  of an unrefined substance, such as sugar, is cooling, after refinement, the post digestive effect changes to heating, with profound adverse effects on well-being.


 Commercial table salt is a waste product of industry and is a toxin that damages every cell of the body, leaving the tissues starving for cell salts. Research by this author using kinesiological evaluation,shows that individuals who prior to ingesting the refined salt, had no need for cell salt supplementation, after eating foods prepared with table salt, required magnesium phosphate, ferrum phosphate, and other cell salts in homeopathic and other doseage.

What this research indicates then, is that the regular consumption of table salt leads to a depleted reserve of cell salts, with all the symptoms relating to a deficiency of the 12 cell salts.

Natural sea salt, the best of which in this authors view is the ancient pink Himalayan salt, contains around 84%, sodium chloride and the rest is macro and trace minerals,such as magnesium and zinc in a ratio found in human blood.
Himalayan salt is millions of years old, and it has a unique crystalline structure,
With a mineral content that is especially bio-available.


If the human body is likened to a car, then minerals are the key that turn the ignition. Without the tiny key weighing an oz, the 1000 lb car can't move anywhere.

Macro minerals, sodium and potassium ,calcium and magnesium and phosphorous are electrolytes essential for nerve transmission and cellular function.

Magnesium protects the heart and blood vessels. Commercial table salt has the magnesium removed to make it free flowing. Is it any wonder that studies done on consumption of commercial table salt show hardening of the arteries? What is the answer, eliminate life-giving salt, one of the three pillars of alchemy(mercury, salt and sulfur) or substitute adulterated and refined commercial salt with natural, sea-salt crystals, containing the following 84 minerals:

Sulfur, magnesium, calcium & potassium, carbon, bromine, silicon,nitrogen, ammonium, fluorine, phosphorus, iodine, boron, lithium, argon, rubidium, copper, barium, helium, indium, molybdenum, nickel, arsenic, uranium, manganese, vanadium, aluminum, cobalt, antimony, silver, zinc, krypton, chromium, mercury, neon, cadmium, erbium, germanium, xenon, scandium, gallium, zirconium, lead, bismuth, niobium, gold, thulium, thallium, Ianthanum, neodymium, thorium, cerium, cesium, terbium, ytterbium, yttrium, dysprosium, selenium, lutetium, hafnium, gadolinium, praseodymium, tin, beryllium, samarium, holmium, tantalum, europium

Many of the trace minerals found in sea salt , such as tellurium , xenon, and niobium are at homeopathic dilutions, and research may one day discover that it is these tiny amounts of rare earths, and noble gases and other minerals which play a significant role in subtle energy production and optimal subtle energy conduction through the "etheric fluidium."(The potent consciousness healing/transformation/regeneration attributed to the noble gases Xenon , Krypton and Argon, are discussed in the work of Hilarion in books such as “Einstein doesn't live here anymore.”


Sodium is the main extracellular cation. The new paradigm is that
the cosmos, on a macro as well as micro level is electric in nature. Sodium
along with the 84 minerals found in natural sea salt, acts to “charge the cellular battery” allowing for subtle, non-measureable as well as micro-volt
electric currents to flow through.


Visiting a nursing home, where the residents are fed a diet of refined salt, sugar and carbohydrates almost exclusively, is a sad reminder of what happens to
cellular and bio-energetic function when deprived of life giving micro and macro nutrients. Old age is a factor, yes, but it is a lifetime diet of commercial
food items, and deficiencies of minerals, cell salts, unrefined sugars and
fats that have led to the hardening of arteries, the oxidation of brain neurons(the main cause of Alzheimer’s) and the dampening of consciousness experienced
by the older generations.

And what is old age? Biologists say there is no known reason why cells should age, other than chromosomes being affected by oxidative stress. On the
Esoteric level, old age has to do with levels of “life force” or pranic energy,
But this energy also is affected by oxygen.

So, the best thing one can do to prolong life and quality of life is protect
From oxidative stress, by avoidance of chemically altered, unstable fats
(margarine, vegetable oil), by increasing the intake of stable, essential fatty acids, such as butter, ghee and sesame oil, and by the appropriate use of anti-oxidants, such as ayurvedic amla, vitamin C, and minerals.

After eating natural sea salt one is not thirsty, unlike after consumption of refined table salt.


Six tastes are salty, sour, bitter, pungent, astringent, sweet

As the tastes are said to be composed of the five elements that make up
the universe,(air, fire, water, earth, ether) intake of the six tastes in daily meals, is said to drive away all diseases.

The sweet taste balances heat, or pitta, and associated feelings of
anger, frustration, and hot temper, as well as nervous energy, or
“vata”, with associated feelings of anxiety, tension and excitability.
 The salty taste balances nervous energy ( “vata”.)

But if the tastes are provided by adulterated, chemicalized substances,
the mind is tricked, into temporary satisfaction, while the
underlying imbalanced constitutional states are worsened, instead of
being brought into balance.


Ama(undigested food material) is the great enemy of health, and the salty taste is its slayer, burning up the ama, so that the mind and body can function in a naturally blissful state. Commercial refined salt instead of burning up the ama, poisons the body and spirit laying waste to the foundation of good health. To anyone used to the delicious invigorating taste of natural sea salt, commercial table salt tastes like the toxic , harsh poison that it truly is.


Omega -3 and Omega-6(linoleic and alpha linolenic) are the two fatty acids that humans can't make. They are the Essential Fatty Acids(EFA's) with which the body can make the other fatty acids it requires.Three fatty acid chains make up one molecule of fat. Replacement of one of the fatty acid chains in a fat with a phosphate group forms a phospholipid,which makes up the cell membrane. The cell membrane protects the cell, allowing nutritive substances in and keeps pathogens(bacteria viruses, yeasts, molds,)and toxins out.

Hydrogenated fats, margarines, commercial vegetable oils, lard, have been exposed to high temperatures,(and often contain residues of petrochemical solvents such as hexane, as well as toxic metals like nickel and aluminum)leaving them rancid, and potent generators of free radicals, the molecules responsible for aging, and degenerative disease. Due to processing, and ensuing rancidity, these oils would be totally unpalatable, so they must be deodorized. The poison is camouflaged but the deadly effects remain.



 Sample Image



The Hidden Poison

Lurking under the kitchen counters of innumerable restaurants throughout the world, lies the scourge of cheap processed cooking oil.

This container of" blended"(euphemism for cheapest rancid scrap mix) "edible"(certainly not if you want to preserve your health in any way) oil is forlornly juxtaposed next to containers of ghee in this popular Australian vegetarian Indian cuisine restaurant. The ghee is only used in a desert at this restaurant which has turned exclusively to vegetable oil, to please the Vegan following that frequents the cafe.

  A friend who was hired to work at this establishment, began throwing up repeatedly, became dehydrated and was hospitalized overnight after eating a vegetable dish made with this vegetable oil. And restaurants such as this advertise "healthy wholesome vegetarian food!"


Consumption of commercial oils and margarine lowers essential fatty acid stores.

Fatty acids exist naturally as "cis" double bond configurations. These "cis:" bonds are bent , so that there are two hydrogen atoms on the same side of the double bond. The irregular shape makes the molecular bonds weak , with a low melting point. Commercial oil processing,involves heating up to 217 degrees Celsius (517 Degrees F) which changes the bent "cis" bonds to straight "trans" bonds. "Trans" bonds are implicated in inflammatory processes, allergies, skin diseases, immune deficiencies, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis,and cancer; they interfere with normal cholesterol elimination by the liver, and enhance PG2, a harmful inflammatory prostaglandin, while decreasing the beneficial anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, PG1 and PG3. (Prostaglandins: powerful hormone like substances that regulate metabolic functions)

The cell membranes of people who consume commercial oils and margarine, are full of "trans" fatty acids.

The more heat treated oils consumed, the greater the deficiency of protective, nurturing, vata -balancing essential fatty acids.

Extra Light Olive Oil is the most processed and rancid, Light is next, then regular, then Virgin and then Extra Virgin which is the only safe olive oil. Even extra virgin Olive oil should be checked for peroxidation value(open the bottle of extra virgin olive oil and look for a musty instead of a natural olive scent) as many extra virgin olive oils for sale even in dark bottles are not fresh.


Ghee, (clarified butter) is the most chemically stable of all fats. It can be left
unrefrigerated for years without going rancid, and in India, the older the ghee is, the more medicinal it is. Ghee balances vata, pitta and kapha doshas. Ghee is
the divine balm which nurtures and protects the cells and tissues of the body
from the ravages of the modern world.


Up till fifty years or so ago, ghee was used extensively in northern India. The diet
Of the north Indians was rich and high in fat yet studies showed very little
Incidence of heart and degenerative disease in the local population.

In the last couple of decades, the use of ghee in northern India has been
replaced by commercial vegetable oil. New studies show a dramatic increase
in heart and degenerative disease since the introduction of vegetable oil as a
replacement cooking fat to ghee.


Fatty acids and Vitamin C are stored in the outer cortex of the adrenal glands above the kidneys. When the body is invaded by pathogens and stress, the adrenals are called upon to release stores of vitamin C and fatty acids into the bloodstream. The adrenals should be chock full of healthy "cis" bond fatty acids, and vitamin C so as to be able to protect the system from stress and from invading organisms.

Consumption of heat processed commercial fats increases oxidative stress(free radical damage from oxygen molecules) Oxygen destroys prana(life force) and reduces awareness. (Cut open an apple, and see the immediate effects of oxygen on cells) By eliminating heat processed, commercial fats from the diet, the life force energy is preserved and awareness enhanced.


Medical authorities recommend cutting down on sugar, as well as fat and salt. They are basing their studies on the effects of consumption of adulterated forms of these three substances, and without the Ayurvedic understanding of how the different body types require differing amounts and preparations of these substances.

Refined sugar blows out all the constitutions, and the pesticide residue adds to the toxic burden.

Thai palm and coconut sugar, and Indian jaggery are delicious,full of minerals and in a balanced constitution will only generate wellbeing. This type of sugar is the most potent digestive aid.

Palm sugar and jaggery are produced by extracting the syrup, then the syrup is passed through sieves. All the molasses are left in, and this is the portion which
contains all the minerals needed to assimilate the sugars properly.

Real maple syrup is another health giving natural sweetener.

Artificial maple syrup, golden syrup, and similar processed sugars are like pouring oil into the radiator of a car--metabolic chaos is sure to follow.

For a person not used to eating commercial white sugar products, the sudden intake of such substances is like taking a mind altering drug! Panic, mental confusion, depression and other mental symptoms can be the result, and these symptoms can be almost immediate, and not be directly related to blood sugar levels dropping(which they will do after the blood sugar temporarily soars)


The consumption of  white sugar contributes to all forms of society degradation, criminal and violent behaviour, cancer, degenerative disease, obesity and mental illness. White sugar is not only available readily but almost unavoidable in nearly all commercial food outlets and in all commercial food preparations.

In ancient ayurvedic understanding, when one’s constitution is balanced,(“dosha” balance) then one experiences a resulting balanced mental and emotional state.

When one is in an unbalanced constitutional state, then mental disturbance, often leading to mental disease if not corrected over time, emotional activation, agitation and disturbance, as well as addictions, are the outcome.

Consumption of adulterated fats, sugars and salts, leads to aggravated constitutions.

If an act of violence or other crime is committed because an individual’s constitution was out of balance, who is ultimately at fault? In  traditional Chinese medicine, when one has aggravated “liver chi, outbursts of anger and violent
behaviour is the outcome. The treatment is avoidance of food and lifestyle, that
contributes to the “rising heat” and usually the consumption of appropriate
herbal formulas, and acupuncture to lower the excess heat.

The return to emotional wellbeing is often almost instant with this approach. How many people are locked away in prisons for acts committed while
their biological systems were aggravated by diet and other factors commonly
found in modern society?

 Who ultimately should be put on trial: the individual, the manufacturers of the foods, or the government that subsidized the industry that created the foods and substances in the first place?


 If the governments of the world legislated against the production of commercial
fat, sugar and salt, hospitals, prisons, psychiatric wards and doctor’s offices
would begin to empty. Money could be spent on improving living conditions,
the arts, new bio-technologies, and safe energy production, instead of a society
biting its own tail, spending billions on attempts to undo the damage done
by consumption of adulterated food substances.

A healthy person is an independent person, free to pursue their own life path.

A healthy person will not require society infrastructure support due to
health breakdown, which costs individuals and governments billions of dollars per year in what could be largely unnecessary health care.


Nothing written in this article is new. The knowledge has been known for
thousands of years, in the ancient systems of ayurveda, and proven
beyond doubt by modern researchers in the last century. Yet every day,
millions die and suffer terribly from the effects of cancer, and other diseases
directly contributed to by the consumption of adulterated fats, sugars and salts.

They suffer perhaps even more from the effects of the modern “cures”, radiation and chemotherapy.


Of all types of harmful input into the human bio-energetic system, ionizing
radiation is at the top. The radiation is said to accumulate in the “subtle bodies” and to damage not only the physical body, but also the chakras and other vibratory structures. When the consciousness leaves the physical body upon death of the physical, the damage done by the radiation is said to carry on, in other realms, and in future incarnations into the physical realm, until neutralized by subtle  energetic positive input .


An article in Clincal Oncology, 2005 Jun;17(4):294. By Morgan G,
Ward R,  and Barton M. from the Department of Radiation Oncology, Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
stated in its conclusion: The overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA. CONCLUSION: As the 5-year relative survival rate for cancer in Australia is now over 60%, it is clear that cytotoxic chemotherapy only makes a minor contribution to cancer survival. To justify the continued funding and availability of drugs used in cytotoxic chemotherapy, a rigorous evaluation of the cost-effectiveness and impact on quality of life is urgently required.


The deleterious effects of adulterated fats, sugar and salt have been widely  known for many years, with best selling works such as Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw's "Life Extension" in the 70's and "Fats that heal, fats that kill" by Udo Erasmus, in the 90's , being read by millions. Why do the health food shops in Australia continue to accept and sell biscuits,cereals, dairy goods and more which contain adulterated fat, sugar and salt, when the adverse health effects of these substances are so well known?

A recent visit to a large Australian health food supermarket filled with shelf after shelf of attractively packaged goods failed to turn up one single prepared food that didn’t contain adulterated fats, sugars or salts! One is very often better off searching for whole foods in a gourmet delicatessen(extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and so on) than in an Australian health food shop.

The biochemistry of sugars, fats and salts is complex, as is the body's physiology. If you want to save you and your family from the
the enormous cost, emotionally, spiritually, economically of the ravages of
degenerative disease,  avoid commercial salt, sugars and fats.

Rather than eliminate these life giving substances choose the pure, unrefined, sources: Sea salt, especially Himalayan, palm sugar and real maple syrup,
and ghee, butter, and sesame oil, or other fresh cold pressed oils.


McDonald's french fries no longer cooked in trans fatty acids!


Even the McDonald's fast food restaurant chain is becoming aware of fatty acids in the diet. An article in the September 16, 2002 issue of Time magazine, reports that McDonald's is changing its cooking oil, reducing trans fatty acids by 48%. The same article also states that while the United States . F.D.A.doesn't currently require vendors to label foods for trans fatty acid content, that they are working on new rules to force McDonalds' and others to do so.

If McDonald's next step is to replace table salt on their fries with Celtic sea salt, and replace meat on the menu with organic dairy, and legumes, the fast food chain might actually offer healthier fare than most vegetarian restaurants!


Copyright: Mark Abriel, 2011