Bion Ring and Pendant Testimonials


Hi Mark,

Just a note to comment on the Bion ring and pendant I purchased from you.  I have accumulated quite a collection over the years including 2 sets of the Wands of Horus, 8 pendants, magnetic bracelets etc.  Your ring and pendant are the most beneficial to me in that they seem to neutralize most negative effects I have encountered, especially shopping centres (I think we all become drained there).  Also they impart a feeling of calmness, emotional balance and heightened energy levels.  I wholeheartedly recommend these products.  Thank you for making them available.

Best regards

Dennis O’Connor



Hi Mark.

Just a follow up to let you know of the changes with the Bion ring.

It took about a week to find which finger the ring wanted to stay on(funny when i put it on a wrong finger it either itched or just would not stay there no matter how much it was adjusted) it found a home on my right hand little finger.

But what it does is really strange.

It assists with my breathing.(yes believe that)

I have always suffered from blocked sinuses through the day, either it be just the dirt in the air or fine particles. By nose was constantly blocked. However when I wear the ring within 5 minutes it’s all clear and stays that way all day

Take it off for any length of time and blocked up sinuses, put the ring back on, all clear within 5 minutes. Some times when I have had a runny nose, I put the ring on and straight away it begins to stop.

How bizarre. I can't explain it but it does it every time.

If I leave the ring at home when going to work, by the time I get there nose blocked and stays that way until I get home to put the ring back on. Now I don't think it is just a coincidence or whether it’s mentally done, but I must say the ring has helped with clearing up any sinus problem I have had.

I swear by the ring. Wear it every day. So far also haven't had any colds since getting it as well. So it must do something.


Eric Gordon



When I tested positive for the Bio Pendant I wasn’t sure yet if I needed to get it. Mark kindly told me to feel or meditate into it for a moment away from the market stalls. At the edge to the beach I sat down and placed the pendant between my hands. 

After very short time my hands got hot and my intuition and guides told me very clearly that this is a piece of jewellery which is beneficial for me and that I can use it also in sessions for clients!

I realized that this little device is creating an energy flow of high vibration.  Due to spinning energy in these vibrations nothing in lower frequency can get into this created field.

Especially now in times of big energy shifts within and around us a product like the Bion Pendant is very helpful and essential to me. I wear it all the time. Thank you to the creator!



I'm really loving the Bion ring, wearing it everyday in fact!

-Louise Mahoney



Hidden energies have a huge impact everyday on our ability to be

happy, confident and relaxed, and on our health. … anything that

offers electromagnetic protection is very helpful, and the Bion ring

is one of the best.

-Dr. Keith Maitland, Dip, ICAK Nooyan’s Holistic
Health Center West Burleigh Gold Coast, Qld


Four months ago I became a lucky owner of a Bion Ring.

Since that time, I have been wearing it every day. Recently,

I have noticed my mood improved and have no problems

with sleeping. I feel more energetic and better cope with

stress. Now I understand I will continue wearing this

ring and look forward to some positive things in my life?

-Irina Yuzhakova, Moscow, Russia