Mission Statement

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What would it take for a utopian vision of life be realized? Where disease
was a thing of the past, where dynamic life expression and experimentation
flowed without restriction, and all life existed in real harmony?

Ancient knowledge teaches that our eyes and ears are tuned to only a limited
part of what makes up a much greater reality. The finer vibration energies
that make us up and with which we interact are known as "subtle energies".

By adopting the "subtle energy paradigm", by understanding how these subtle
energies are influenced for good or bad, by technology and society infrastructure,
we can move closer to individual and world freedom and light expression.

Mark Abriel surfing near Byron Bay by Rob Fennech


Mark Abriel is a writer, surfer, photographer/filmmaker and chiropractor
based in Byron Bay in northern NSW, Australia

Born in Sydney, Australia, Mark traveled to the US at an early age, where
he went to went to high school in Cocoa Beach, Florida and college. He then
attended Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia, graduating with the
Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Mark did post-graduate studies in Applied
Kinesiology, Clinical Kinesiology with Dr. Allan Beardall, Ayurveda, colour
healing, and Tibetan medicine. After working in chiropractic clinics in San
"Soma Ayurvedic Herbs", an Ayurvedic herbal business importing Ayurvedic
herbs from India, as well as "Life Force Subtle Energy Technologies",
developing, importing and distributing "subtle energy" technologies, such as
The Bion ring. He also established "Sattva Gem" designing unique jewelry
pieces from 18 and 22 carat gold, fine silver and precious gems, for subtle
energy enhancement and consciousness activation.

Mark developed the Bion pendant, a subtle energy protection/consciousness
activation device in 2005, to complement the effects of the Bion ring.

Mark has had a lifelong interest in film and photography, and has been a
freelance photographer for Australian and overseas magazines, CD covers,
and websites. He has published nature and ocean lifestyle photographic
calendars and magazines, featuring his own and other photographers’s work.

Mark has also been involved in music publishing, writing and performing.
He has produced two CD’s of original music, “Time Capsule” and “Arc of the Sun”
(see “music” section of this website).

Mark has written, directed and produced 15 short films, two of which have won
awards In the US.

He is currently working on production of a documentary film featuring the Byron
Bay luminous light phenomenon. He is collaborating with other photographers,
researchers, and scientists, such as Dr. Massimo Teodorani, and Professor Erling
Strand, of Project Hessdalen in Norway, in the production of this film. (see “Film”
and “byron luminous phenomenon” section of this website).

Mark is the writer of a feature length sci-fi/fantasy script, “Rider 7-The Key to Time”,
with themes of extra-terrestrial visitation, ancient earth cultures, and time travel.