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Above Images: The Architecture of Friedensrich Hundertwasser


by Mark Abriel, D.C.

"Only when architect, bricklayer and tenant are a unity,
or one and the same person, can we speak of architecture.
Everything else is not architecture, but a criminal act which
has taken on form."

- Friedensreich Hundertwasser,
Austrian architect and sculptor

Everything one interacts with either strengthens and supports one, has a neutral
effect, or diminishes one's vitality, and awareness.

Putting down rose coloured glasses, and looking at the world today, one can readily
see there are many problems, affecting the environment, economies, eco-systems,
people's mental and physical health.

Radiation plumes from stricken nuclear reactors travel across the globe.
Drug and alcohol addiction is endemic. Prison populations are ever increasing.
Degenerative diseases of many kinds afflict a large percentage of humans.

Cancer is more prevalent daily, affecting hundreds of millions. ( The conventional
cancer treatments add enormous chemical and radioactive burdens to an already
seriously compromised organism. These treatments,part of a trillion dollar cancer
industry, were proven in a study by the Department of Radiation Oncology, Northern
Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia to be
fraudulent, with only 2 percent of cases living any longer than those who did not
have radiation or chemotherapy. Any treatment approach with only 2% success
rate is considered a fraud.

The patient dies, and the consciousness leaves the physical form, after the radiation
cancer treatment. According to the Ayurvedic viewpoint, the consciousness, the
charkas and subtle bodies of the person are then loaded up with radiation, which
has a very detrimental effect. Ionizing or nuclear radiation has the most harmful
effect on the chakras, and subtle energies, of anything known)

Why is there so much breakdown in human society?

As stated in other sections of this website, the cause is always due to influences
which have a detrimental effect on the consciousness, on the subtle energies
which make up the vital being.

One of the most significant of these influences is the dwellings people live in,
and the materials the dwellings are made from.



Architecture, as in all things created by man and woman, reflects the consciousness
Of those who made the creations. And in the case of architecture, those creations
powerfully affect the life force and vitality of those living within those structures.

As in everything physically created, there are only two basic issues--the form, and
what the form is made from. If the form and material is chosen correctly
(bio-resonantly) to begin with, infrastructure will be created for positivity and vital
wellbeing for generations to come.


The most commonly used architectural form today, the Square shape goes against
the vital life force energy

“…the straight line is godless…. It leads to the downfall of mankind…. It has become
an absolute tyranny…. The straight line is something cowardly drawn with a rule,
without thought or feeling; it is a line which does not exist in nature…. The straight
line is the only sterile line, the only line which does not suit man as the image of
God….. The straight line is the forbidden fruit….the curse of our civilization.”


Imagine if time travel or interplanetary or intergalactic travel was developed in the
future. And one could journey to a distant dimension or land. One would look out
of the viewing portal, upon arrival, and what is the first thing one would see? The
structures the civilization had created.

What would the landscape look like if the place visited was one of true peacefulness,
dynamism and evolved consciousness?

If one travelled to a distant galaxy and looked down from above, and saw rows of
brick square buildings, lit with fluorescent lights, along ruler straight roads, where would
one have arrived at? A higher heavenly realm, or a prison planet?

Subtle energies, which make up one's consciousness, are powerfully affected by
geometries. All ancient cultures understood that form affects thought and thought
affects wellbeing.

'Today we live in a chaos of straight lines, in a jungle of straight
lines. If you do not believe this, take the trouble to count the straight
lines which surround you. Then you will understand, for you will never
finish counting.'



The Austrian architect, Hundertwasser, designed a cancer ward for children,
focussing on rounded architectural shapes, vivid warm colours and plants.

A study published in Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2006 ASCO Annual Meeting
Proceedings Part I. Vol 24, No. 18S (June 20 Supplement), 2006: 18615, confirmed
that the children in the Hundertwasser designed colourful rounded oncology wards
had positive emotions and thoughts, and that the environment served as a "potentially
positive factor in the "healing process".

The square shape restricts awareness. It leads to conflicts, and disharmonies.
Popular culture terms, like “think outside the square”, “don’t be a square”, “don’t put
me in a box”, show that the esoteric effects of geometries are felt by all.

Reclining in a house designed by a positively inspired architect, one with natural curves,
and flows, that works with the energies of rock and stone and forest is invigorating and
restful at the same time.

One immediately feels relaxed, blood pressure decreases, enzyme and hormonal
production, is enhanced. Sleep comes naturally and without need for pills. Emotions
become balanced. Anger, resentment and other negative emotions fade away, to be
replaced by feelings of inner wellbeing, strength and positivity.

True, one could say, inspired architect designed structures do contribute to wellbeing. But architect designed houses are expensive, and much of the world is impoverished, and people don't have much money.
Does a poor person builds a house? Not in the western world anyway. Even people that have a regular income, and "normal" western lifestyle, generally don't have enough income to own their own land, let alone build their own house. Office and city blocks are also not built by the man or woman on the street.
So, who is setting up the infrastructure which the rest of humanity has basically no choice but to occupy? Governments and building companies. Anyone owning a building company cannot be a poor person, so the excuse of better designed houses only for the rich shouldn't be true.

Countries' economies are based on the building industry, and these industries are profit based. They for the most part build to the lowest common denominator, to put up the cheapest constructions, for the most profits. And then rent the spaces out to the peoples of the world.
The first step in turning a world from disease, disharmony and aggression, to happiness and positive true evolution, would be for governments worldwide to legislate building codes based on subtle energy resonance.
American Indian tribes would consult for weeks before a single new dwelling was constructed.
Every structure that is built on this earth 
will affect the people living, working, and moving around it for decades, if not centuries, and millenium.

The world has seen many disaster over the last years. Watching news programs, one sees the quake shattered debris of metal studded twisted concrete. These shattered concrete pieces entomb 
and crush those caught beneath.
Concrete is heavy and dense. It blocks frequencies. That's why it is used in bomb shelters, to 
shield from radiation from atomic blasts.
“We live in a sea of natural frequencies which are as important to our wellbeing as the food we take into our bodies” - Allan Beardall, D.C.

If one accepts one is a vibrating consciousness that inhabits the physical, for a period, then living on a concrete slab, is not going to support that consciousness, as it blocks the naturally occurring subtle life frequencies. Concrete also attracts radon, a radioactive gas, which then enters the living space. Concrete is a nightmare for pest control, and natural pest extermination companies are against its useage, as the difficulty and expense of keeping bugs out is very high compared to wooden or stone structures.
Adding to the non-bio resonant effects of concrete flooring was the practice of placing Heptachlor, an extremely carcinogenic organo-chlorine anti-termite chemical, under concrete slabs.

Tens of millions of houses and office blocks across the world had heptachlor underneath their concrete floors. Australia only banned the use of Heptachlor under concrete slabs In the late 1990’s. Significant Heptachlor residues have been found in living spaces, leaching out through the concrete.
Unlike a raised wooden floor, which leaves the natural environment beneath, completely clearing an area of ground, in preparation for laying down a concrete slab, is destructive to the natural environment. Concreting the surface of large areas of the planet, Increases the temperature of the planet, as wood construction and natural vegetation is cooling. In a time of global concern about rising temperatures(whether or not actually man-made) the focus on wood and other natural materials over concrete in new construction, and in rebuiliding after natural disasters should be paramount.


Metal unless it is bio-resonant, such as gold, silver, copper and titanium, draws in harmful
 frequencies, and accumulates charge, draining capacitance ( ability to store energy) from living systems.
Cladding a house in metal,(popular modern design) or constructing a metal chair or a metal bedframe a person is going to sleep on for a good portion of their life ,is something only a designer with no
 understanding of the holographic subtle light bodies and energy vortexes that make up the human organism would devise. The result of is chronic fatigue, digestive, sleep and a host of other problems.
The same goes for material used for computers. Apple’s MacBook Pro series are a good example, of getting the structure/form elements half right. Great form and function, terrible material (Macbook Pros are made of aluminium, the most energy draining and anti-life metal, well known for Its adverse effects in the onset of Alzheimer’s and other serious health problems).

One is not eating a Macbook Pro, but there is a vibrating Gigaherz processor in there. And on a subtle level it does broadcast the frequency of what it’s made from (There are many subtle energy “space clearing” devices available which are designed with vibrating processors, and bio-resonant materials, to broadcast positive subtle frequencies across a living space. Exactly what a computer does!)
And the aluminium itself, that the computer housing is constructed from, would draw in harmful frequencies from the environment from mobile phone towers, and other man made EM waves. The later model unibody solid aluminium Macs are much better, as far as holding and distributing harmful EM fields, than the earlier ones, which had thin sheets of aluminium in the construction.

One can purchase plastic clip on covers for the Macbook Pros, which does significantly reduce the EM effects. (EM fields are composed of electric and magnetic fields. The electric component is readily blocked by plastic, vegetation, fabric). One can reduce the non bio-resonant effects, of some technologies, by applying physics concepts, as with mobile phone useage, by only using the phone on speaker phone two or three feet from the head (applying the inverse Square law of radiation: radiation drops off non-linearly from the source of the radiation).
But how much better to design things from the beginning with vibrational energy concepts In mind?


Cladding a four square wall house or office building in metal, on a concrete slab,(if pre-1990’s with super toxic Heptachlor under it) lit by fluorescent lights and saturated with microwaves from wireless internet, next to a highway with traffic noise and automobile fumes, is a recipe for exactly the type of soul depletion, and mental and physical enervation which is so commonly seen in the world today. In Ayurveda the outcome is "ojas" depletion, the subtle immune energy from which vitality and wellbeing springs.

From the western health perspective, this ojas depletion, would relate in part to the adrenal glands above the kidneys becoming at first hyperactive, with increased levels of cortisol, and then after continued stress, go into a state of hypo, or lowered function.
Increased cortisol levels lead to high BP , decreased immune response, ulcer formation, and calcium being taken out of the bones, leading to osteoporosis. Prolonged adrenal stress leads to chronic fatigue, mental and emotional instability, and blood sugar irregularities.

The medical doctor and researcher, Hans Selye, published a book in the 1930's, “The Stress of Life”, in which his studies showed that adrenal stress was the precursor of disease states.
What are the essential factors to replenish the adrenal glands under stress? Vitamin C, and fatty acids. (Vitamin C, is stored in the retina of the eye and in the adrenals.) The most important 
nutritional items, other than vitamin C, and magnesium, for recovering from adrenal stress, are fats, salt and sugar. The very things that modern medicine has convinced people are harmful to health!
(Processed forms of sugar, salt and fats are harmful, but the natural, unrefined ones are essential for adrenal health and vitality. See post: “Three Keys to Wellbeing”)


Imagine you are on a journey to a future time, or place. You arrive and see rounded structures, and soothing angles, in wood, stone and crystal, looking as if the dwellings themselves were alive and part of the beauty of the natural environment, forest, streams, waterfalls.
Utopia can be created where thought is based on the inner direction. Every inner voice knows what is going to be resonant with its being.

Have a look at the bones that make up the human foot, or hand. Or the human head. The bones are rounded. The head is oval. Are there any hard angled square shapes? Do bees use the square shape, or intersecting hexagonal shapes for their beehives? Where does humanity's continual focus on the four square 90 degree angle come from? Why is this form used again and again in billions of dwellings and in so many other applications across this planet? According to numerology, the number four represents karma.

It has been written that the continual exposure to constructions based around the number four, reinforces on a subliminal level, the restrictive effects of “karmic control” in Lower “evolutionary” worlds, such as earth.
Isn't it time to start from the ground up literally, and figuratively, to start again and this time try something that will support true happiness and inward connection?

“When we dream alone it is only a dream, but when
many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality”

-Friedensrich Hundertwasser